Night of the fire alarms….

Matt had just got out of his shower when the fire alarm goes off. “You got to be kidding” I think. Anyway, I get my coat and shoes on and start to trek out when we notice that it is only our room that the alarm is going off. Great. So we try to vent the area around the alarm to shut it up, but no go. So I had to call the campus police. 10 min later they are there trying to shut it off, but they can’t. So they take the alarm off and wait for an electrician to come. When the electrician comes, they have to put the alarm back on, where it promptly goes off again. 10 min later, everybody agrees to fuck the safety rules and the alarm come apart. **sigh** does the excitement ever end.
The alarm was driving Matt crazy, but I was able to block it from my mind. The stupid thing is that Matt had taken an hot shower, but it wasn’t that steamy. The alarm must be super sensitive. I’ll have to watch out for that cause I take hot long showers and the steam rolls out when I’m done.
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