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Evil In My Eyes
I consider myself more evil than good. It is a fact about myself that I have somewhat accepted. Although I have done good things and deeds, I feel that the evil things that I have done outweigh the good.
For one, I have continuously used love has my play toy. Just getting sex is too easy for me. But to conquer someone’s heart and to then crush it; that is an evil challenge that gives me a thrill and a pleasure. I have romanced and seduced many different kinds of ladies. From demure virgins to aggressive sluts, I have gone after them all; winning their trust and love, only to destroy it in their faces. I have even seduced a gay man into falling in love with me, offering everything he had to me. It made the killing of his heart that much more sweeter.
I also believed in the act of revenge; no matter how long it takes and no matter what the cost. I have let the hatred for those who have slighted me simmer in me and fuel me, sometimes for years. And then when the time is right, I strike. Strangers, friends, family; I care not about them or anybody who is in my way. So long has my revenge is complete; that is what matters.
I have loyalty for no one except for myself. There have been times in my life that I have tossed away friendships; just for the reason that I had no more use for that person. People have come up to me in times of need, and I have turned away from them with no remorse or with no second look. Even my own brother, I have abandon in his time of need.
The words “good” and “evil” are terms that society determines on it’s whim (Teacher’s note: Nope. Sorry.) If society deems my deeds and actions has “evil”, so be it. I care not, for in my eyes I am serving myself; and in my eyes, that is “good”.
(Teacher’s Note: Well, as a homage to selfishness, I suppose this works, but as a response to the question, it doesn’t. You haven’t really investigated
you opinion –why do you believe yourself “evil”? What is the definition – not a “whim” as you say – and you contradict yourself – “evil” is “good”? Sophistry. Writing looks ok – some verb form and spelling stuff, but that’s minor…)
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