Update from the bookstore

Well, the computer labs are close this weekend. Luckly the bookstore is open for some kindergarden conference. Hee hee. It is so lax here; the guy at the computer counter is on AIM with the sound all the way up. I can hear him IMing all over the store.
Anyway, I am moved into my new place. Overall, I am disapointed with it. The room that I’m sharing is about the size of the the room that I had when I was in the on-campus apartments a year ago. The main problem is that there is not enough storage space. There is only a small drawer tucked in a little ass space for us to use. I had to goto Target and buy some plastic drawers to put underneath the bed. The beds are basicly bunk bed style taken apart. I’m going to see if I can find an extra one somewhere so that I can have my bed on top and take the mattress and the frame out of the bottom and use that area for my desk or something. The desk that is in the room is not bad. It’s actually pretty big; plenty of room for my monitor and printer.
The bathroom is kinda big. There’s a space where we can put some shelves if we want. The cheap bastards didn’t even put in a shower curtain. Maybe I’ll pick one up at Wards. It’s not like we need a good one, just one to keep the water in the bathtub.
The kitchen is small, but it works. Once again, there are not enough shelves. I will have to watch how much stuff I buy at the store and make sure I have room for it. The dishwasher is nice, although loud and it takes a long time for it to finish.
The living room is def. small. It’s like smaller than the bedroom. The only cool thing is the fact that it has vaulted ceilings and big windows. It’s going to be hard to have a party there though.
Just checked my grades. Passed all of my classes. B’s and C’s. That’s cool though. Still not enough to get me off of probation, but it’s all good. I’m not going to be kicked out. But this upcomming semster, i need to get some A’s.
Anyway, back to the new place. Overall, I kinda dissapointed. The buildings are still not done in some places. The phones work, but the internet is not up yet and the laundry room is not ready. Hopefully the place will get better has time passes.
I’m the only person in my room has of this morning. Which was cool, to run naked around the house without a worry. But it sucked being alone there on my first night. Daniel (my old roommate) and Reina are also in the newplace, but I forgot their address. **sigh** I wished that Suzanne and I were together last night. It would have been one of those fun and memorable times together. Speaking of, I called my mom and dad and my mom was quizzing me on why we broke up. I didn’t even tell her. She says that she saw it on my web page, but I don’t have a web page up yet. I wonder if Suzanne called my mom? I don’t thing she did, I’ll just chalk it up to mother’s instints.
There’s so much that I need to rant about, but everybody keeps on interrupting me here, so maybe i’ll save it to when I get my computer back.
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