One more thing…..

On New Years Eve, when I was at the Golden Gate Bridge, I was walking through the crowd by myself and started to think about vampires. Everybody was with somebody, either a couple, a family, or a group of friends. Has I was walking, I noticed that I was the only one by myself. Then I saw this other guy. He looked at me and I gave him a smile; not a pick-up smile, just a hello smile. Well, he had this look on his face and walked off to find his girlfriend. It made me feel like I was a vampire, hiding in the shadows, wandering in the company of humans, looking for lives to feed off of. I left the fireworks early, and has I drove home, all I could think of is that I wanted to die and I was ready to give up my life. I wish that a vampire could have heard me and ended the misery that I had that night….
I don’t feel this way now, it’s just the way I felt at one particular moment in time
Current mood: tired
Current music: The hum of the computer

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