Just Finished watching Swingers….

with Randy and Quetzal. Quetzal still can’t have a conversation with me; he only talks to randy, even if I’m in the room with him. Oh well, two weeks and then this nightmare is over. Anyway, watching the movie and a question was brought up in the movie. Basicly the line was that you only think about the stuff that you don’t have and the stuff that you want; what about thinking about the stuff that you already have. Something like that. So what do I have:
I have friends that care about me.
I have an ex-girlfriend that is crazy mad in love with me and sees things in me that I can’t.
I have parents that love me madly.
I have a car that still runs and gets good gas mileage.
I have a good job with a great boss and good coworkers where I can basicly make my own schedule and duties.
I have a place to live in
I have clothes to wear
I have food to eat.
I have a computer to use for my entertainment.
But none of these things mean anything to me. The the thing that I don’t have is happiness. And without that, there is no point to anything else.
Current mood: tired
Current music: New Edition – Can You Stand The Rain

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