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Jonathan’s Astrological Love Computer
You and your partner come from different planets.
That’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s something rather wonderful about the way your loved one often transports you to another world.
There is though, a constant debate about which world is ‘home’. You see your world as the ‘real world”… yet you just can’t make your loved one live in it. You are sharing your life with someone who is forever away with the fairies. You’ve got yourself a butterfly – or a bird of paradise. Lovely and pleasing though this is, you find all that floating and fluttering infuriating. You want to say “come on, let’s be practical. Let’s think about the future.” Yet you are dealing with someone who makes everything up as they go along. Can’t plan, hates to wait. That’s quite a high price to pay for a sensational sex life.
So, you have a choice. Resign yourself to a life in which you are forever having to play the grown-up. Or loosen yourself up, a lot. It’s one of the two. What you can’t do is keep complaining about all that’s not quite right. Or rather, you can. But it’s not good for you. In a few days, when we take another look at our love computer, we’ll find out more about how to overcome this little problem.
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