**sigh** I am so drained,

I am so drained, and yet I can’t sleep. I wanted to take some Nightquil, but I’m all out.
I’ve decided that I need to beat Final Fantasy 7 first before I buy any more games for my computer. I’ve only gotten to Costa del Sol. I think that the halfway point on the first disk. FF7 will be my addiction for the semester.
Listen to one song over and over again has wierd affects on you.
I want to sleep, but Questal is watching a movie in our room. Hmph. I should have bought a CD Walkman when I had the chance. So now I can either wait for him to finish, or try to sleep through it.
I think that maybe listening to Bjork’s Telegram CD was the best choice for the evening. But I love listening to Hyberballad. Over and over again.
Current mood: weird
Current music: Bjork – Hyperballad (Brodsky Quartet Version)

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