I don’t believe in too

I don’t believe in too many things. And my moral and value system is pretty much fucked up, I admit that. I honestly don’t know what or who I believe in. The one thing that I do know that I believe in is in personal freedom. I believe in the freedom of people to make their own decisions and to say whatever they want and to do what they want. Has long has it doesn’t directly interfere with other people beliefs and freedoms. What they say might be wrong, or stupid, or racists, or whatever. They have a right to say it. They don’t have a right to get up in your face and to spout out at you. There has to be respect between people. If you don’t like what someone is saying, then turn off the radio, put down the paper/book/magazine, turn off the T.V., walk away from the computer screen, or stop reading the journal that offends you.
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