Damage done for today Groceries

Damage done for today
Groceries – $145
Frames and Frost Glass – $25
Pants – $25
Madonna DVD – $20
Books – $30
Underwear – $30
Gas – $15
OMG. I don’t know how the grocery bill got so high, but I do know that I won’t have to worry about food for awhile. The frames were for the drawings that I have from Suzanne. The mug is one of those mugs that freezes your drinks (It has a animal print on it. Very tacky, but only $2). The pants are 36/34 which has me worried that i’m shrinking. The underwear is Joe Boxer and was on sale at Macy*s. One is a black boxer with red tigers on it, the other is white boxer with black tiger stripes. The Madonna CD is a video collection from 1993 to 1999 with 15 videos on it. And the books that I got was a Flash 4 ref. book, a religions book, and Next Gen magazine (which I should really subscribe to). And to top it off, I almost bought a $60 pen. (Oh it wrote so smooth, OMG, i was in love with it, but I think I can get it cheaper and with a discount at the bookstore.)
The thing is that I went to the mall with the intention of getting shoes and a CD player. I couldn’t find any shoes that I liked and the CD players were either really cheap or expensive.
OK, going to watch my Madonna DVD now.
Current mood: accomplished
Current music: cars on the freeway lost in the fog

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