Well, I cut school today.

Well, I cut school today. My tummy was hurting. I know bad joe. So I stayed home and read my textbooks, so I know what’s going on in class.
I also did the dishes again. I’m thinking that this will be the last time that I do all the dishes. Most of the dishes are Mike’s. Anyway, it took me like 30 min to finish washing all the dishes and to load them into the dishwasher. yikes.
I think that I will vaccum my room, but only my side. Screw the bastard. Speaking of, he brought his Nitendo 64 over. So the battle of popularity continues. I figure that I can either go out and buy a Dreamcast or Playstation, or maybe I’ll get a DVD, like Men in Black or Terrminator for us to watch. **sigh** The pettiness of Joe.
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