two stories… first story… so

two stories…
first story…
so I’m leaving the computer lab in the library and I gotta take a dump, cuase I was holding it while I was surfing and typing. So I went upstairs to the 4th floor bathroom cause the 3rd floor bathroom is kinda crappy and the 4th floor is more private, so i can do my grunt and pooping in peace.
So I goto into the bathroom and there are shitloads of people. I’m like crap, but I really have to go. So I go into the stall and do my buisness. OMG, the poop was so big and long. We’re talking world record stuff. And then there was a second one, though not has big. So I wipe myself and flush, but the big one is too big to flush and it stay in the bowl.
So I get out and there is another guy just finishing up and is walking out. Then this other guy comes in and goes towards the stall that I was in, looks in and then looks at me. I tell him that the guy who had just left was in there for a long time making lots of noises. Then I leave. I am so scandelous.
Second story….
so I’m walking home and there is the girl in a skippy looking half-tee and some daisy dukes on. She going house to house. So I’m kinda looking her over and she sees me and head towards me. So she comes up and is really bubbly happy to me. SHe has a nice tan on. Her face wasn’t all that, but she was lookin cute. So she’s talking to me and being friendly/flirty with me, trying to get me to sign up for some magazine subscriptions. Her name is Leslie Smith, and her dad is a methodist minister, and she went to Maui for a week, so she is behind on her stuff. So I decide to get some magazine, but then I tell her that all I have is a Credit Card; no money. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a girl leave me that quick.
Moral of that story. Have your CASH ready for hookers or Prostitutes don’t take Visa.
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