So I watched Thomas Crown

So I watched Thomas Crown Affair instead of Anime. That movie might just be my most favorite movie. Or at least top 5 or 10. Still haven’t heard from anyone about Amber. I hope someone calls me today or tommorow about it. I’m sure she is O.K., but I would like some confirmation about it.
Anything else. Hmmm. Well, after Thomas Crown Affair was over, I started watching Star Wars on T.V. So of course I had to play X-wing while I was watching it. I used to be so good at that game. Now, oy vey. I am not so good. I’m completing the missions, but it’s taking more time. Some of the missions I’ve had to do over.
Well, later on tonight I will work on the pictures that I took. I really need to get a book on how to take pictures. Maybe for X-mas or something.
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