Complete Success

The move looks to be a complete success. Tim came @ 10:30 and we were done in 2hrs. There was a small scare when I couldn’t get hold of Barbara, but it turns out that the cats pulled the phone out. So I am all moved in, now, I have to unpack everything. FUN. Kinda worried about that since I am in a smaller space and can’t spread things out like I could before. And Pacifica is SO NICE right now. Will def. have to take pictures once I dig out my camera.
So next up is to do some laundry. I have a washer/dryer at my new home, but I am going to the laundry mat to use the big machines for my mink blankets. Eventually I need to go grocery shopping also.
Park Mercerd is filled with people moving out today. I suppose next week, it will be the opposite with people moving into vacated places. Am hoping that Mike will be able to get me a deposit check soon. Going to use it to open an account with WaMu….And to buy a new hard drive. Maybe…Grrrr….I want to…**sigh** We’ll see.
Updating from Park Merced, and wondering if they will deactivate my card. Hopefully they won’t and I’ll be able use their gym. We’ll see what happens…
Oh yeah, I won a prize at Noah’s Bagels. I stopped there to get some breakfast and they had this prize wheel, so I bought some tickets and won free dozen bagels every month for a year. Ya me.
So many things that I want/need to talk about. But I think that I just want to go to my new home and start to experience it.
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