Daily Archives: February 12, 2003

Have given up on Moveable

Have given up on Moveable Type for the moment and deleted it off of my server. Will try again in a week or so.
Will work on self evaluation at work tomorrow.
Will clean room sometime this week.
Will read books sometime this weekend.
Will call and e-mail friends sometime this month.
Will go to the gym tomorrow.
Will make lunch in morning before work.
Will get batteries for camera before the parade.
Looks like my week is full of procrastination.
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So Mike let me off

So Mike let me off the hook to going to the gym; he has a paper due tomorrow that he needs to get done.
Really today just wore me out. Us warehouse guys; we work like sport stars, party like rock stars, and fuck like porn stars.
Tomorrow, we will hit the gym, and I will hit it all this weekend.
I asked for Friday and Monday off, I hope that I have enough vacation time.
Saturday going to the Chinese New Year parade. Need to buy batteries for the camera.
Mike is going to Tahoe for the weekend, which means that I get to run around naked (if I wanted too). Other than the parade, I’ll just spend it cleaning and doing laundry.
Thinking about going to the SFMOMA on Monday. Although it might be better to wait until the 1st week of March, when I could get in for free. We’ll see how the budget looks after all the bills are taken care of.
Well, tonight I need to work on my self evaluation for my review next week. I hate reviewing myself. You know, you don’t want to come off to arrogant, but you don’t want to be too down on yourself. Hmmm, tricky, tricky.
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Man I’m tired…. Tough day

Man I’m tired….
Tough day working and partying at work.
And Mike has convinced me to goto the gym tonight. Man, am I going to be tired.
Thank goodness I am taking Friday and Monday off.
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