I am Joe’s Temptation to spend…

So I take a break from cleaning my room and for some reason, I check my Yahoo! e-mail. Now, my Yahoo! account is for all of my junk mail, so I only check it about once a month, just to make sure that I actually didn’t win anything from any contest that I entered. So there is an e-mail from Angie about this;a Gateway 31′ Destination Monitor. I don’t thing that Gateway even makes these anymore, but this was my ultimate dream back in the day. I remember once, Angie and I went to CompUSA and they had one of these on display. I just about creamed in my pants. I would also stop by the Gateway store just to look at it and drool about it. Me and my geek dreams, I know. So this is where I go out and buy shitloads of lottery tickets in hope that I win enough money to buy a 31″ monitor. **sigh** Could you imagine playing stuff on this baby. Not quite the 50+ inches that Suzanne’s friend, Jason has; but I would be quite satisfied with 31″.
Current mood: infuriated
Current music: Furujawa Masayoshi (Cowboy Bebop Sdtk) – You Make Me Cool