I am Joe’s blah Monday afternoon…

Finishing up here at work. Bags are ordered and the part for the warehouse dorr will be here Wednesday. And no transfers. Still, my desk is covered and I should straighten up before I go.
Tonight’s entertainment includes mailing off the grad announcements. I’ve come to the conclusion that everybody whos getting an announcement is getting a personalized handwritten one. Also, will hook Mike’s computer up to the DSL Gateway so that he can have internet access. I wonder if I need to get a seperate hub for us to network. Also will stop at the library for some books or CD’s. The Mick Foley book was really good; I want Suzanne to read it, but I think that her prejudices will get in the way. Has for Mists of Avalon, I just can’t get into it, so back to the library it goes.
Found my cord for my camera, so I wil take pics of my new car when I get home.
Personal dilema…Need to get a haircut before graduation. Girlfriend wants me toshave it all off and go bald. Mom wants me to get box/flat cut. Personally, I want to straighten my hair just to spite both of them. But I love my mom and I love my girlfriend, so I won’t do that. But what am I going to do?
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