I am Joe’s LJ rant of the day…

So I am taking a break from work and reading other people’s journals and their firends list. and I come across a news post from . It turned out to be fake, but he has done something like this before and it pisses me off because when he does it, he claims that it is from Reuters News Service. I think that this is on the same level as yelling fire in a crowded building. I actually complained to LJ-Support the last time that he did it. The support person agreed that it was in bad taste, but would not do anything about it. Was thinking of reporting him to LJ-abuse, but not sure if they would do anything either. Not really sure why I am so riled up by this but I am.
Anyway, the countdown has begun until this weekend. I am so not ready for it. **sigh** Joe Rogers, college graduate; Who would have thunk it.
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