I am Joe trying to play grown-up

Not having fun with this merchandise bag stuff. I should have ordered the bags earlier than wait until now. Now I am totally confused on what to do and I am just depressing the hell out of myself. Wondering if I should quit or not.
My room is still a hurricane of messiness. I am just moving stuff from one part of the room to another. With every passing, stuff gets put away and organized, but there is still so much stuff. Prt of the reason is that I need to buy a bookcase or some kind of shelving unit.
Installed the extra network card in Mike computer. Lesson learned last night is that one should never go looking for porn on roommates computer that roommate got from dad, cause you will never know what you will find.
Anyway, Mike is running Windows 95 on a Pentium II with a 2GB hard drive. Will have to look around to see if I can dig up a windows 98 cd somewhere so that he can use the DSL
Had a wierd dream last night. Remember that April was in it with some guy who I think was gay, but had really nice hair. I remember them covering me with shaving cream and that I was naked, but underneah my mink blanket. There was a really deep conversation, but I can’t remember any of it. I think that I have been having wierd dreams for awhile now. Probably cause my box spring is still downstairs.
Anyway, this isn’t really helping me out like I thought it would. Back to work.
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