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Not asleep yet, just thinking

Not asleep yet, just thinking of all the stuff that I have to do
A major road trip is in order. I definitely have to go and visit Dan, Jen and Drake. It has been FAR too long since I have seen them. I’m thinking almost a year.
I also need to make a trip to Vacaville. I need to see Mew and get my birthday present before Amber takes it. And I need to see Gabi, Barry, and their new child. I also need to stop by April’s to drop off all of this origami paper that I have for her (surprise!)
And then I need to go to Sacramento to see Lesa, Kurt, and Alyssia. And to Susanville to see Lesa’s Mom and Bob.
I have to hang out with Angie….Oh shit, Angie’s Graduating!!!!
I need to see Amanda and Mia; I have to see Jessica and Brent.
I can’t wait for school to be over so I can be social again….
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On dial-up; poop. Done with

On dial-up; poop.
Done with my Beijing Final. Talk about a brutal final. 3 hours of filling up a blue book. yikes! Anyway, I did o.k. hopefully enough for a B. Next up this weekend is my U.S. History Paper and my Reformation Paper.
Went to the Village office to turn in my license agreement. It seems that they haven’t filed the eviction paperwork yet and they are giving me a chance to get the money. I never received a call though, so I’m not sure if I will be able to get it. **sigh** I might have to make a call to Bank of Mom and Dad and see if I can get a loan.
Tomorrow is my first day back at work after a week. My paycheck is going to be small. If I can work on Tuesday and Thursday I might be O.K. After next week I will be on 40hr weeks.
There is more that I want to say, but I’m kinda exhausted and I am unsure if I should comment. On the one side this is my journal and I should say whatever I want. But then on the other hand what I have to say could hurt someone.
I think for right now, silence rule and I will go to sleep.
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Horoscope (by astrocenter.com)

Your sensitive nature is mesmerizing, and people who come to you for advice and guidance will not be disappointed. You have a grounded perspective that is solid and practical, yet receptive and understanding at the same time. People with flashy ideas and a fast-paced, reckless way about them might enter into the picture, and try to sell you a bridge downtown. Don’t be thrown off balance by this kind of energy. Today’s square between Moon and Jupiter suggests you to stay strong within yourself and confident about what you believe in.
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Final Progress So Far…

Internet Paper Done…
Beijing Final – Need to read up, but open mote test. Should be O. K. Need to remember to pick up Blue Book before class.
Last U.S. History Paper – Shouldn’t be too much of a problem. “How were Blacks and Women affected by World War II”
Rewrite of Reformation Paper – I got a D- on what I turned in. I need to reread everything over again. That’s going to be tough. But I have until Thursday to turn it in.
Reformation Final – Another tough one. I need to reread things and notes. Can have one 4×6 card for final 10/20 identify; 3 essays.
Housing situation – haven’t got a eviction notice, but those take time. Need to call Rob tomorrow to see what’s going on. No messages from SF State Cashier office. Will make phone calls tomorrow to Tenants Union and to Housing Rights Committee tomorrow. If I have to go in, will do that on Tuesday.
License Agreement for summer and fall is filled out, just have to turn it in. Will do it on way to Beijing Final.
Cake is half gone; might bring rest to Beijing class.
Missing girlfriend like crazy.
O. K. That is all
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What the hell am I still doing here.

Well, I forgot that I had to turn in notes with my paper, and the links that I copied were temp links for my quotes, so I had to go through my internet history and find all to pages that I used for this paper.
I also realized that I forgot to move my car….$30 parking ticket. **sigh**
I have this cake ready for class, but I have no paper plates. I think that I’m just going to bring napkins and hope people have forks,
Shit, Shit, Shit
And I still have my Beijing final tonight.
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In a rare instance, all

In a rare instance, all four roommates are in the house in the same room.
Will wonders never cease….
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trying to wake up, playing

trying to wake up, playing with my fat and being thoroughly disgusted with it…
It is cold in my room even thought the window is closed. I a couple of hours the sun will peek through and it should start warming up, but I am still so cold….
Well, the paper is done. I still need to touch up some things, but basically I can turn it in and get a good grade…
I guess I am nervous about today for some reason. I hope that I hear some good news for a change. I’m probably nervous cause I have my Beijing Final today. I think I am going to turn in my license agreement for summer and fall. I think that I should get the money order too. And I still have to pay my cell bill. Hmmm, I need to gather some book to sell at buyback I guess.
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Here is the result of

Here is the result of your LiveJournal Purity Test.
You answered “yes” to 33 of 77 questions, making you 57.1% lj pure (42.9% lj corrupt); that is, you are 57.1% pure in the lj domain (you have 42.9% LiveJournal Freak in you).
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I want to point and

I want to point and laugh, but I think the last time I did that, I got the three day notice and all hell broke out in my life.
I think that I will not point and not laugh and just mind my own business…
**sigh** sometimes Karma can be such a bitch….
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