Not asleep yet, just thinking

Not asleep yet, just thinking of all the stuff that I have to do
A major road trip is in order. I definitely have to go and visit Dan, Jen and Drake. It has been FAR too long since I have seen them. I’m thinking almost a year.
I also need to make a trip to Vacaville. I need to see Mew and get my birthday present before Amber takes it. And I need to see Gabi, Barry, and their new child. I also need to stop by April’s to drop off all of this origami paper that I have for her (surprise!)
And then I need to go to Sacramento to see Lesa, Kurt, and Alyssia. And to Susanville to see Lesa’s Mom and Bob.
I have to hang out with Angie….Oh shit, Angie’s Graduating!!!!
I need to see Amanda and Mia; I have to see Jessica and Brent.
I can’t wait for school to be over so I can be social again….
Current mood: tired
Current music: TLC – Silly Ho

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