Final Progress So Far…

Internet Paper Done…
Beijing Final – Need to read up, but open mote test. Should be O. K. Need to remember to pick up Blue Book before class.
Last U.S. History Paper – Shouldn’t be too much of a problem. “How were Blacks and Women affected by World War II”
Rewrite of Reformation Paper – I got a D- on what I turned in. I need to reread everything over again. That’s going to be tough. But I have until Thursday to turn it in.
Reformation Final – Another tough one. I need to reread things and notes. Can have one 4×6 card for final 10/20 identify; 3 essays.
Housing situation – haven’t got a eviction notice, but those take time. Need to call Rob tomorrow to see what’s going on. No messages from SF State Cashier office. Will make phone calls tomorrow to Tenants Union and to Housing Rights Committee tomorrow. If I have to go in, will do that on Tuesday.
License Agreement for summer and fall is filled out, just have to turn it in. Will do it on way to Beijing Final.
Cake is half gone; might bring rest to Beijing class.
Missing girlfriend like crazy.
O. K. That is all
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