So Sunday Morning, we crawl

So Sunday Morning, we crawl out of bed and head over to Oakland to catch our flight. We wanted to arrive early, but ended up getting their late. I love flying Southwestern; the whole cattle/sheep mentallity on boarding their flight is just so much fun **rolling my eyes**. They hand out bording passes and load up people in gropus of thirty, but it just ends up with everybody herding around the gate, whether they have number 1 or 130. If it was me, I would make everybody get in line according to the number that they had and board them one by one. But that is just the Bitch in me talking.
We we lucky to get seats next to each other on the plane though and it was a mostly uneventful flight. The thing that sucked was that our seat were nonreclineable since they were the seats next to the middle emergency doors. So it was kinda uncomfortable, but survivable.
We made it to Seattle where my dad was waiting to pick us up. I love my dad in the fact that he is so reliable, among other things. Anyway, the highlight of the trip back to the house was when my dad and I were talking and he missed the exit to get on the South Hwy 5 freeway. So we are on the crub next to the exit and my dad wants to back up to get on the exit. This is with traffic flying by us. I convinced him that we should just keep going to the next exit and turn around there to get on the freeway. Suzanne and I were freaking out, but we were cool and quiet.
O.K. Faxes are comming in, so I guess I should make an appearance on the cameras and pack this order. More story time later.
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