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I have a cold…. Hmph!!!!

I have a cold….
It’s all Peter’s fault. Damn him for not getting well.
Actually, it’s probably cause I sleep next to the window. It’s not really a bad cold yet, but my throat is slightly sore and I can feel my nose wanting to get clogged up. I’ll have to buy some medicine tomorrow.
Ugh, tomorrow. God, I have to be at work at 8:30 tomorrow. Yuck. I had better get a good pay increase for this.
Hmmm, well I got stuff done, but there is always more stuff to do. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow I guess.
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Well, I decided to start

Well, I decided to start transferring journal entries from my old journals into this journal. **sigh** I wish there was a way to import entries. Since there isn’t, I’ve been cut/paste it. The only thing is that don’t get the comments, even though they are there. But I stink, so I think that I am going to clean and then take a shower.
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Well, I’ve been reading the

Well, I’ve been reading the assignments for my classes on and off, but my eyes are starting to hurt, so I think that I am going to take a break.
There are a couple of projects thatI need to do. The bathroom and the kitchen needs to be cleaned. I also need to wash my gi for class on Tuesday. I need to work on the web page, LJ journal styles, adding my old entries to this journal. And then there is a folder of pictures that need to be scanned. I also have reading from my books to do. And a shower would be nice. I think that I will work on cleaning. Maybe I’ll even see Matt, since I haven’t for a couple of days now.
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Well, I do think that

Well, I do think that Serraph and I are moving too fast. Hmm, more like we are getting more comfortable….O. K. I think that I am getting more comfortable. Well, after this date on Tuesday, I wont see her for a bit cause of school.
I guess the thing is, is this just another cycle or am I ready. I am still too wary of myself, I guess.
But it feels so good, I mean it is mind-blasting great when I am with her. So why do I want to torture myself and push her away. Why don’t I just fall for the moment and commit to her and just go with the flow…
Cause I and still not sure about myself. Will I just run away in a couple of months. I have hurt her enough and I don’t want to hurt her….
I feel like I need to do some kind of penance. To her family (esp. her mother) her friends, and to her. And I know that I don’t have too, I mean she has forgiven me. That in itself is such a concept to me, one who has embarrassed revenge like a warm coat over the year. God the trail of vengeful acts that I have left in my wake is deep indeed.
And so she forgives me, no penance, no punishment, no Hail Mary’s, no quest for the Holy Grail. I mean Henry IV (or is it the VIII) had to crawl around on his knees has punishment against the Pope.
I guess the thing is that she thinks that I’m worthy, when will I see that I’m worthy…
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Goofing Off pics

My foo foo drink
My Foo Foo Drink…Jamba Juice Peach Passion mixed with some lemonade. I should have used the Peach Puckers though.
Let go my eggo
These are the new Eggo’s I’m going to get.
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I’ve had interesting dreams all

I’ve had interesting dreams all this weekend actually. I told Serraphabout them, but I can’t remember them now.
Well Serraph spent the night on Friday. She took me out on a early valentines day date to Bennihanna’s for dinner. We had some sushi while we were waiting; I swear that I inhale the stuff cause I was so hungry. After an hour wait (pretty good for S. F.) we got seated for dinner. I had steak and chicken and Serraph had Hibachi Chicken. We also split an order of Calamari Tempura. **sigh** I love Bennihana’s; the only thing that sucked was that the chef we had wasn’t really entertaining. He only did a couple of tricks for us. Probably cause the three groups that were at the table were keeping to ourselves. We did talk to this mother-daughter couple though. The daughter was graduating from Cal Poly-SLO with a degree in Animal Hospitally (I think). Anyway, she had met the VP for Petsmart by accident and he had sent her application in and she had an interview for a position in SF. Talk about lucky. This was her first interview too. Anyway, I though they were O. K., but Serraph though that they were too snobby. They were, but I’ve seen bigger snobs in the city.
After dinner, we made our way back to my place. We were suppose to make an appearance at a bookstore party, but we decided to cancel. So we just stayed in for the night
Hee hee….
The next morning, I had to go out to send off my insurance payment. Went I got back, I got Serraph out of bed and we went online looking for a Togo’s for lunch. We got the directions and cleaned ourselves up and went out for lunch.
The Togo’s was at the Portelo Shopping Center, which I had never been to. It’s so amazing that I’ve been in this city for 2 years now and there are still so many places and neighborhoods that I have not visited. Anyway, the directions that they gave were the long way, so it took us awhile to get there. Once we got there, we found that they also had a Jamba Juice, so we picked up sandwiches and juice. We both love Jamba Juice, but we were looking in the nutrition guide that they had and those juice smoothies have about has much calories has some fast food. I’m sure that the juice is much healthier though.
So we headed back to my place and on the way back, we picked up the Mystery Men DVD to watch. OMG, talk about a bad movie. After the first five minutes, I had a raging headache. I think it is cause of Ben Stiller. He just gets on my nerves sometimes. I guess the movie had it’s moments, but I would have probably enjoyed it more if I had put some of the peach puckers into my juice smoothie.
I eventually kicked Serraph out of here but that took a while, in which we got wrapped up in my “How To Make Love To A Woman” book that she has gotten for me a long time ago. It’s a interesting book, but it was written in the late 70’s, and it shows sometimes.
For someone who’s not in a relationship with the girl, we have been spending a lot of time together. And on Tuesday, we have another date cause I got a pass for a sneak preview of the new Chris Rock movie at the Metrieon. But after that, it’ll be awhile before I see her again, since I got papers due. But I did invite her to come up with me to my parents for spring break. We are going to drive up there in her car. That will be a fun trip, to say the least.
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So I had this dream

So I had this dream this morning some time that I was in a room with these three guys and one of them had converted to Christianity. So he was explaining to these guys about it and I was like WTF!?! I don’t remember the exact reasons that he converted, but I wanted to just debate with him about it so bad. But he kept on talking and I couldn’t interrupt. I would try but he just still kept on talking. I eventually woke up and realized that I was listening to one of those early Sunday Morning talk shows. So the guy who was talking was the son of Jim and Tammy Fay Baker. For you youngins, they were there televangelist down in the south. Jim got caught with his secretary and Tammy had something going on with a A/C dog house or something. The big thing wit hTammy was the amount of make-up that she wore. Anyway, I guess their son was a alcoholic for awhile and he is also a punk guy and has this punk/Christian outreach program. Once I woke up and started listening to him, it became a little more clearer. He not one of those “cram Christianity down your throat” Christians. It was pretty interesting…
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A Real update maybe…

Well, I am just now really waking up. I don’t even remember passing out last night, although I do remember waking up every couple of hours for a few minutes before I went back to sleep again.
Well, I cleaned up the wires behind the computer, so it’s not so quite a fire hazard. Now I can type and use my mouse from the bed. Once again I have to give props to Microsoft and it’s optical mouse technology. I’ve used this mouse on a book, on a carpet, on a wall, and now on a bedspread. The only other mouse that I have loved was my Gyro Mouse. This is what the current version looks like. The one that I had was before wireless mice were around. But it had an extra long cord and you could either use it on your desk or you could pick it up and use it. It took a while to get used too, but once I did, talk about lazy city. I would be on my bed using this thing.
So I have the high-speed Internet, but it is kinda fishy. I was on CNET and I used there Internet speedometer to see just how fast a connection it was and said that I was only going 58kbps. WTF!?! But I know that I am going faster than that cause pages are loading quickly, esp… ones with pics on them.
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