Book Of Questions – Love & Sex: Question #175

Do you seek advice about romantic issues more or less than about other things in your life?  When you are in love, is outside opinion worthless because your feeling are so personal, or worth more because it is so easy for you to lose perspective?  How much do you trust your insights about what is best for someone else?

I’m not sure if I ask for romantic advice anymore; it honestly feels so long since I’ve been romantic (It hasn’t been THAT long; March at Osmosis Spa). I think when I was younger, I might have asked my friends for advice.  Don’t think I listened thought, esp. when it came to April.  Kathy and I just kind of happened because we needed dates to the dances.  O.K. maybe more than that, but that one just kind of happened out of the blue, if I remember correctly.  Don’t remember if I talked about it with people before it happened.  April on the other hand, I remember everyone warning me against it.  But I jumped into it years later, no regrets except that the time had passed for us by time we became a couple.  Would still do it again if I had to repeat it because love. With Suzanne, I talked about her a lot because she was going to be the sacrificial virgin for me and then I was going to leave her and everything and go to the city and start a new life or some stupid shit like that.  That did not go has planned luckily and turned into a relationship.  But getting off track of the question.  I do seek romantic advice from my friends, just not has much as I used to since moving to Washington.  I’ve talked to my friends about my FWB’s but since…it’s complicated, I cant really get into a deep conversation about them.  And since I know unfortunately nothing is going to go any further in the relationships, there’s nothing much to talk about. 

I think outside opinion and perspective is always important, esp. when it comes to relationships because love is a many splendid thing and we can be blinded by it.  II ‘d like to think in my older age, I’ve become jaded enough to not be smitten by anyone.  But I am a Taurus and a Venus sign, so I’m sure that I’m still susceptible to being love-struck over someone.  Being depressed and questioning my thoughts and feelings doesn’t help the situation either.  I wouldn’t really trust my insight for someone else.  I think I could give advice from experience, but I don’t know if I trust myself enough to give definite advice to someone.