Book of Questions – Love & Sex: Question 226

In the early phases of a romance, how much are you influenced by your friends’ and family’s opinions of your potential partner?Overall, I don’t think I’m usually influence by the opinions of others. With Kathy, I know my mom wasn’t too impressed and the whole spaghetti/sauerkraut thing came up. I think universally friends and family did not like April. Because of what happened with April, I think it might have subconsciously influenced me having my friends meet Suzanne originally. It def. influenced me drinking too much and jumping in a pool to sober up at said meet up. Not sure why I was so nervous about it since Suzanne and April had totally different personalities.

With my relationships today, since they are not committed relationships (FWB), I have tended to keep them separate from friends and family. With one, while he is familiar with my friends, I’ve kept them apart maybe because of my insecurities in the beginning. Now, I mean if he was invited to an event, I don’t think I would necessarily be ashamed to be seen with him. But honestly, I don’t know what or how much my friends know about our relationship. Maybe it will be interesting to open that Pandora’s box one day.

With the other relationship, that is mainly on her, since I would love to be committed. I think she would get along with everyone, esp since she is on the force. But she doesn’t like “people up in her business”. So we have not met each other’s friends yet. And probably never will the way it’s going.

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