Sugar Crash

So after a week or a month of stuffing ourselves with sugary sweets at work, the office group decided that we were sick of sugar and would try to keep the office sugar free, for at least a week.

Yeah, I eat way too much sugar…

Ugh, yesterday was a particularly bad Monday which began with a slight Super Bowl hangover, instructor hunting me down because her reader wasn’t at the store, and the usual Monday work emergencies.  The day just DRAGGED on and not having any sugar just made the day even longer.

The sad thing is that I actually did have sugar too, just less of it.  The coffee creamer that I bought (White Chocolate Caramel Latte – I had to buy it to use my card at the store cause they had a min. amount limit) and the Fig Newton’s I had for breakfast.  Other than that, no sugar.  I’m actually surprised that I didn’t kill some of the temps yesterday.

Anyway, the point is that I eat too much sugar and this is going to be a LONG work week.

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