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Got my W-2 for the year

First time that income has gone down instead of up.

Even if it wasn’t a lot, my income has always gone up since I’ve been working.

I was expecting this and shouldn’t be bothered by it.

In this economy and in this city, I’m glad that I have a job that pays the bills, I can buy food, and I can sleep with a roof over my head.

But there is still a part of me that feels like I’ve failed somehow…

Right-brained? Left-brained? Take the brain test!



You use your brain equally.


via Right-brained? Left-brained? Take the brain test!.

Top Brain Bottom Brain Quiz

Top Brain Bottom Brain Quiz.

You Have
Tendency Not To Rely on Top/Tendency Not To Rely on Bottom
Which Means
You think in situational Adaptor Mode: you are open to being absorbed by local events, are action-oriented and responsive to ongoing situations, but you are particularly context dependent.

My Dream House From A Long Time Ago…

The plans for The Intintoli, named after my high school French teacher.  The future home for Joseph & Paula Abdul Rogers.  Not sure why I picked Phoenix, Arizona has the city it was built in.  Regardless, it did win me a ribbon at the Solano County Fair.  Not sure why I didn’t continue drafting though.  One of those “what if” mysteries.

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How Big Is Your Penis?


HOLY COW. Your penis is gigantic. GIGANTIC. Your penis is literally the biggest thing within the tri-city area. Your penis is bigger than a small elephant. It is bigger than, like, a tree. A big ol’ tree. Lots of branches on your penis. You must wake up every morning and thank the good lord above. You are truly blessed. Congrats.

Which Star Wars Are You?

A Stormtrooper

What City Should You Actually Live In?

You got: Portland

You are a free spirit, but not in the LA way, in the “you’re probably more cultured than most of your friends” way. You’re up-to-date on all the latest coffee brewing techniques, have a long list of local blogs you love to read, and can taste the organic goodness in every bite you eat. Move to Portland already, you sexy smarty pants.

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Days like this in January remind me of why I deal with the exorbitant cost of living prices here in SF.

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#Beardify Interesting.

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