15 Year SFSU Bookstore Anniversary Contest

Comment for a chance to win a wonderful prize!!!

So I’ve been at SFSU Bookstore for almost 15 years now.  To celebrate that milestone, Follett Corporation has decided to give me a gift for this accomplishment.  My choices are the most random list of choices for a gift that I have ever experience.  While the Vera Bradley Bag is tempting to get, I really have no outfits to match that bag.  So faced with this dilemma, the only logical choice I have is to let my Facebook friends choose what gift they want me to get for them.

So leave a comment either on Facebook or my blog with what gift you would like to get.  I’ll pick a winner on February 1 (Chinese New Year!) and deliver or mail the gift to the winner.  Hover over the picture for the name of the prize.  Email/message me for larger picture and full description of prize.  Good luck!!!

OMG, a guest! Quick, leave a coment!