Start of the new year

Went grocery shopping for the first time in years today. Just bought enough food for the week. It seemed kind expensive, but I guess that’s the price I’m paying for eating healthy. Now it’s just a matter of dusting off the pots and pans (literally) and cooking again.

Also have to get to the gym sometime. Current excuse is the lower pain in my back and the cold weather. Been trying to change habits at work by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Should probably try walking more at lunchtime. I’ll be getting more exercise at work the closer it gets to the first day of school.

I do like my Xmas present from my brother, the Fitbit. It’s interesting to see all the stats that it collects about my steps and sleep patterns. It’s kinda amazing at all the information that can be collected from such a small device. Just hoping that I don’t loose it cause its so small


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