I had a witty title, but I forgot it…

Also had a good witty post in my head, but forgot that too.  Anyway, random thoughts:

  • Small dogs are the new children of San Francisco, and I am tired of it.  Esp. the ones that let their dogs run all over the place without a leash.  If one of them ever pees in my bookstore, I am punting its ass out.
  • Phillz coffee is some of the best in the city, however Noah’s Chelsea blend is  nice too.
  • Spending Earth Day by cleaning my room and the garage at my house.  The room is easy, just do some laundry.  The garage is another matter….
  • I take too many pills.  I also drink too much.  Not a good combo.
  • It’s time I start to act my age, not my waist size…wait they are the same number.  Not good.
  • It looks like the speeding ticket fairy is not going to make my speeding ticket disappear.  **sigh**  I either have to pay it or wake up early and drive to Fairfield on the court date.  I do wake up early now a days, so that is a possibility.

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