Monthly Archives: March 2012

So much for a full night’s sleep

Blah.  What do I do now?

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A Picture is a 1000 pixels

So I bought a digital picture frame today for my desk at work.  I figure that beside the family pics, I’ll also put up work pics too.  I need to get all of the pictures I want into one folder so I can transfer them easily.  Another picture project for me.  I wish that the memory was upgradable, but 128MB should be plenty.

Meanwhile I am trying to stay up since I had to open the store this morning.  I want to make sure that I sleep in since I don’t have to be at work until 11am.   But, my body is aching and I really want to sleep.  Maybe some Nyquil will keep me from waking up in the middle of the night

Cleaning day

Spent most of the day cleaning my room, with the exception of a lunch date with Teresa. **sigh** how can one kiss linger for so long.

Anyway, at the Park Merced laundry washing my sheets and blankets. Wondering what I should write about. 10 years of having a website and I still don’t know what to write about. Typical of me.

Ghosts in the room

I swear a ghost just slapped me on my ass and pushed me awake.

I think it was mad cause I was snoring too loudly.

What if?

I wonder how my life would be if I moved with my family up to Washington instead of going to school in San Francisco? Would I be in the same situation? Or would I be better/worse off?

More work on the site

added photo albums to the site.  Or started to anyway.  Still need to go through the pictures and edit their names.  At 3am in the morning, of course.

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Ready for the movie

The Hunger Games

Just finished the book; It was O.K. I guess.  I’ll read the other two books, but maybe the movie will get me more excited about them than I am now.  **sigh** I just need to read more books in general.

Yet another sleepless night

I wish that I had an iPad so I could draw better in Draw Something, which is officially the new Words with Friends. My drawings suck, which is why I studied Architecture in high school an college. Art is easier when you have rulers and templets to use.

Can you use a circle templet on top of an iPad? Something to dream about, or try to dream about in my case. Why can’t I sleep for a decent amount of hours?

Dreams of Dr. House

Just had a dream that Dr. House was my Biology teacher and there was two students in front of me trying to bribe him with electronics.  They failed cause House wanted unlimited data for whatever they were offering.  When it was my turn, I was using a mix of sappy story, a cake, and bargaining to get a chance to do all the assignments that I didn’t do.  The roommate taking a shower woke me up before I could find out if it worked or not.

Pictures are a 1000 pain in the asses

So I put a few pictures up, but the truth is that I’m going to have to go through all of my pictures and organize them somehow before I can upload them to the site.  It’s going to be one of those large and long projects like getting my CD collection onto the computer and labeling all of the files correctly.  Blah.