Daily Archives: April 4, 2012

Cell phone memories


Found these relics while cleaning out my garage. Amazingly enough they work. The Nokia is useless since it is missing a sim card, but the Sanyo works fine. I made 1205 calls on it lasting 2952 minutes. That’s only 49 hours; apparently I didn’t talk to much on the phone.

Also have some numbers in the memory including Suzanne’s old cell number. I’m assuming it’s old; not bold or crazy to call it to see. That would be weird if she had kept the same number all these years.

I wish that the Nokia was working; it would be interesting to see what secrets it held.

Not sure what to do with them. I guess I’ll add them to my electronics recycling and toss them away. Move on from the pass and all that.

Weird Dreams–Animal Farm II

There was  a old western town by the water that had humans and talking animals.  Something happened and the humans started to fight with the animals.  There was a pig named CJ and a cow and a boy that stayed out of the fight and went into the woods to live.  They came back to the town to see the animals leaving the town, but none of them would talk to them to tell them what happened.  The boy and his two animal friends went to the humans to find out what happened, but no one would talk to them.  Finally there was one human who told them the story for a dollar.  Apparently, the animals refused to help the humans grow food and that’s why they fought.  The animals were originally winning, but the humans came back and forced the animals to leave.  The boy and his two animal friends started to leave the town and were going to this church when some humans tricked the animals to come back to town. The boy was too far away and the animals started to follow the humans into a trap.  Then I woke up.

I have no idea of what this dream meant.  It was like watching a movie since I was[t in it.  At one point the cow was a bear and the pig was a rabbit.  I have a dream interpretation book somewhere.  Maybe I’ll pull it out and find out what the dream means.