Getting un-hangover, Part 3: How I got to this point.

Last night I went out to go celebrate a co-worker’s 21st Birthday.  The party was going to be at the Holy Cow, which I had never been to, but had heard a lot of bad things about.  So I’m driving into the city and get past Hospital Curve and I see fireworks going off at the pier.  It was so beautiful and it made me realize yet again why I love this city.  It would have been to take a picture of it or try to take one while driving except I STILL DON”T HAVE A FUCKING CELL PHONE.  Just a little annoyed about that.

And not that I was a big cell phone person or anything, but not having a cell phone is slowly fucking up my life.  My cell phone was my alarm clock and without it, I cannot get my ass out of bed to save my life.  My cell phone was my watch, and so now I never know what time it is; which is why I was at the club hella early.  My cell phone was my camera.  And while I’m not an avid photographer, I would like to have taken pictures of last night to have for my own memories.  And my cell phone was a cell phone.  I can’t call anyone, at all.  And finding a pay phone is harder than it sounds.  One that doesn’t have a drug dealer staking it that is.

O.K. so maybe it’s not THAT bad, and I probably could use a break from my tech life.  More like an inconvenience.  Still I WANT MY CELL PHONE!!!!

Anyway, showed up early to club and sat at the bar and downed 3 drinks before the Birthday Girl and party showed up.  I did get to sign a bride-to-be boobs (she was pretty nice looking, the boobs were hot!).  I thought that I would be a light-weight considering that I didn’t really eat anything that day, but I downed 10-12 drinks.  Yay me, I’m still an alkie(sp?)  I had a good time, but I was trying to play host, making sure everyone was alright and have a good time and stuff.  Always a host, never a hostee.

Other than signing some already taken boobies, no other action for me.  The sad thing is that the 60+ year couple at the bar was getting more action than me.  Even crazy white guy doing the robot in the corner got with someone, I think.  BTW, it’s been a while since I’ve been out to a club, but I glad to see that some standards don’t change, like crazy white doing the robot in the corner of the club.

So five hours of drinking and then I let someone else drive me to Denny’s for a fourth meal (can I use that, or is it just for Taco Bell?), then dropping people home and off to bed alone.  Not that I would want to bring anyone home to this mess that I call my room.

The point of this entry was that I went out, got drunk and seemed to have had a good time when in reality, it just showed me how sad and utterly alone I am, even when I am standing in a room with 100 people.   Now I get to do it again at a company picnic that I don’t want to go to, but will go to.

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