Must hate dogs

Watching Must Love Dogs while doing tech support for co-worker.  It really doesn’t want me to date anytime soon.  Gawd, John Cusack is just awesome.  Thank god that my family is small and hundreds of miles away.

…and I hate the fact that I really don’t control the TV.  Random fast forwards and freezes. Blah, it makes me want to go and rent all of these movies that I have half seen.

So I finally get Moveable Type 4 installed and the SF Cityscape theme set up after a week of installing and uninstalling, and now I think that I don’t want it up anymore.

Still not really ready to type anything of import.  It’s hard enough to think of things to type about. Let’s see, school starts next week and the stress has already begun.

I need to get a new phone.  Thinking about the HTC 8525, but not sure if I want to pay a lot for an unlocked one or if I want to resign for a new AT&T Plan.

My new car, Samantha, is wonderful.  Beautiful.  I love her.

I’m sure the reason that I am sick has something to do with the state of my room.

Although the scale says otherwise, I’m sure that I’m slowly gaining weight.

Thinking about going to the faire at Golden Gate park on Sunday.  I’ll be the first faire that I have gone to in 3-4 years.

The new Viagra commercial is the most cringe-worthy ad that I have seen.