I was going to do an ink blog since I had found the stylus I lost a week ago. But in the five minutes that I found the stylus and then went out to get my laundry from the dryer, I have managed to loose it again.  Yay me!!!

Well it looks like I have managed to survive another spring semester at the bookstore.  I don’t know what it is about the spring semester that is so grueling.  Probably because there is more going on in the spring at the bookstore than the fall.  But all the stress is over for the time being with the graduation ceremonies for SF State being held this weekend.  The department almost blew it big time when ALL of us were late.  My excuse was that I went to sleep early and woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep.  The insomnia was so bad that I watched Blade Runner in it’s entirety, which is a first.  Not that Blade Runner is not a good film, but it is slow.  And I have never been able to watch it in it’s entirety until now.

My back is somewhat killing me due to the fact that I lost my bottle of Vicodin and I wore my dressed shoes on Graduation Day.  The soles are worn out and I’m usually in pain by the end of the day.  Which just made the back pain I have been suffering the last two weeks even worst.  It’s so bad that just farting shoots a slight jolt of pain up my spine.  I had to go to Fry’s to return something and I sat in a $2000 massage chair which got every kink and knot out of my back except for the pain in my lower back (It’s at my butt crack almost).  I’m kind of worried about it, but am hoping that now that everything is done for, my stress levels will go down and the back pain will go away.  It would help if I found my prescription also.  I bought some heat pads, but it’s so hard to put them on by yourself.

I left Fry’s today without buying anything at all.  It wasn’t even like I had to fight myself over anything.  I must be getting old.

Vista on the UMPC is better than it was a week ago.  The memory upgrade really helped out a lot.  It is still somewhat slow to start up (Lots of things going on in the background) and the fact that I can’t get the desktop background images to work (only solid colors).

But what’s even better is the loaner TV that Fry’s gave me.  I think that I want this TV even though it is smaller than my original TV and costs more.  It have a built in HD Tuner and the picture is just amazing.  I am def. going to miss this TV when it’s gone.

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