Adventures in Vista

So I must be getting old because I left Fry’s with only $60 worth of stuff instead of $600.  The TV took about an hour to process, but I left with a 26″ Samsung LCD TV loaner to replace my 32″ that’s being repaired.  It’s better in the fact that it has double the inputs of my TV and the contrast is so much better than my TV.  But it’s 26″, not 32″; I am missing those 6 inches.

So I bought a mini USB keyboard for the UMPC and a 4GB USB drive in order to install Vista on the UMPC.  The drive wasn’t bootable so that didn’t work.  I was still able to use it to install Vista on it, but the drive is going back to Fry’s next weekend.  The keyboard is nice because I can fix it in my bag and carry it around.

So Vista is installed on the UMPC and it has been a challenge, but I’m slowly getting things working.  The only thing that isn’t working right now is the sound.  And I haven’t tried the Bluetooth yet.  Let me try it out now.

Well, stuff is installing.  The touchscreen is still a bit off, and I can’t calibrate it for some reason.  It does seem a bit faster, but I do have it in classic mode for graphics and stuff.  I’m waiting for the memory that I ordered to get here before switching it back to Vista mode for graphics (No Aero see through stuff though).  I bought a 2GB mini SD card hoping to use Ready Boost. but it’s not Ready boost compatible, so I’m out $20 that way…

And Bluetooth might not be working….poop.

Still, Vista looks nice, and it seems to be working just as well as XP was.

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