Written Journal Entry (Sometime in Summer 2006)

Another journal, another to-do list.

It’s funny how many of these journals that I have with to-do lists scrawled all over them.  I don’t think that I have completes a single one of them.  The closest is the to-do list on my phone (that I’ve in fact completed).  And that’s only cause I put some work things on it.

Well, it’s a beautiful day here in Washington.  the sun is peeking out of the clouds and there is a light breeze blowing.  The pedometer says 3.85 miles, but 1/2 of that was walking the dog.  The other 1/2 is inaccurate.  It can’t be more than a mile from my parents house to Starbucks. I should re-measure my steps one day.  However, the pact fact that it gives me more steps makes me feel a little better.

BTW, spot the minority is in effect.  IT has to be at lease 50-75% people w/o one.  Could I really ever live up here?

I really should be at work.  Being off work gives me too much time to think about myself.  I’m forced to look at myself and to examine myself.  I have nothing to loose myself in, like work or the internet (parents STILL have AOL.)  I didn’t get any books to read, although I could always dig out my library that is up here.

1 black person. *ding*

I could watch TV; parents have DishTV so I can catch up on all the channels that I don’t have in S.F.  I can watch those movies that I missed in the theaters and on DVD.  I do have some work that I could and will probably do.

O.K, this really wouldn’t be a journal w/o a to-do list.  Technically, I could do this on my phone and post it to my blog.  I should probably timestamp this….

**sigh** To Do List

No organization.  Just going to put everything down w/ descriptions and dates…

Spot the minority:

Black x2 *ding*

Filipina *ding*

Hot Asian *ding, ding*

old Asian

Black (jungle fever?)

Asian (hot, young?)

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