Written Journal Entry (Sometime in Summer 2006; continued)

GM Department Manual – 9/01/06

Revise old gift manual to bring it up to date with department today.  Maybe 50% done right now.  Need to finish it and let Amber/Irene/Monica proof it.

Buy plant for desk – 9/15/06

Would like a bonsai or a small flower plant.  No Cacti.

Reduce Website – 10/31/06

    • New Color Scheme

    • Make it W3C complaint

    • Add Photo/Moblog Album

    • Be able to post pics by phone

    • Update more often

    • figure out how to trackback

Quit WOW – 9/15/06

I really not doing anything special with this.  It’s not like I socialize or am in a guild.  W/O a guild, I’ll never get high end equipment.  Same with PVP.  I’m just wasting $15/month.  I should quit until the expansion comes out.

Exercise 3-4x week regularly

I need to get on a schedule and stick with it.  In theory.

  • Mon Raw 9-11pm
  • Tues Eureka/ECW 9-11pm
  • Wed Blade 10-11pm
  • Friday Smackdown 8-10pm
  • Sat Naruto 8:30-9:30pm

Really didn’t I build my computer so that I could record TV?  Anyway It would do me some good to cut out some TV.  I’m really probably too old f/wrestling and cartoons.

New Showerhead

I’ve forgotten how good a water massage could feel.  But I am still curious about the rainforest heads.

New Shoes

For the love of god, just buy some.  Suck it up and go to the sketcher outlet in the mission