sore throat tea…

Just for the record, Celestial Seasonings Throat Soothers Tea tastes like shit. Licorice root, honey, and lemon does not mix well. And I don’t thing it is really helping my sore throat.
The good thing about having this cough/sore throat is that I have a Quincy Jones voice going on that sounds a bit sexier than my usual voice. But I think that I am ready for the cough and the sore throat to go away.
I was suppose to clean my room tonight. **yawn** maybe tomorrow night.
I read an article today at about people who got fired for writing about their work in their blogs. It makes me wonder if I should take out my archived entries and either hide/delete entries about work. I don’t think that anybody at work reads my journals. And I don’t think that I’ve said anything that would get me fired. Something to think about I guess.
Speaking on censuring journals, why are we embaressed to talk about signifigant others in our journals. There are some things that we are willing to share in our journals. However, most everyday stuff we usually feel embarres to share, because we feel that we will bore our audiance with details on how we spent the day with our boyfriend/girlfriend. I guess we don’t have to tell the entire world about how our bf/gf came over and we had a wonderful makeout/love making/fuck session. And then there are some things that are so special, that you don’t want to share with anyone, that you want to keep for yourself. Like a special little toy that you take out and enjoy by yourself. I have lots of those locked up in my head.
I need to goto bed. I have a long day tomorrow…actually, a long week.

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