vacation wrapping up…

I have to admit that I kinda love my brother’s laptop. Just lounging on the bed, surfing away while he plays Need For Speed Underground 2 with the steering wheel that I got for him for Christmas. I think he likes it.
Caught up on a number of movies. Blade 3: Trinity wasn’t bad. Ryan Reynolds was funny has the smart-ass vampire hunter. Triple H disappointed, and Parker Posey was…wierd. I always forget that the theather in Port Orchard doesn’t have cup holders or stadium seating. Also rented Napoleon Dynamite, Hero, and the Chronicles of Riddick. Hero was a beautifully filmed film, although the story was kinda blah to me. Napoleon Dynamite had it’s funny moments, but I didn’t think it was really good at all. Riddick was about was I was expecting from Vin Diesel. I thought that the movie was a prequel of Pitch Black, but it’s actually a sequel.
Also watched The Incredibles and Von Helsing on my brother’s laptop. I liked both of them and wished that I had watched them in the theather. Also spent time watching Korean soap operas with mom and sports with dad. And spend the week cooking and cleaning with mom. Spend hours yesterday cooking tons of food, learning cooking secrets and stuff.
It’s amazing at how many unsecured wireless connections that my brother has to choose from. It’s almost scary.
made the mistake of calling work. Oy Vey. Even after I told the freight company that the warehouse would be closed until the 3rd, they still tried to deliver something. And also the alarm went off, but all the people on the alarm phone list were out of town. The police didn’t call back the alarm dispatcher, so I’m hoping that it was just paper that set off the alarm. And with all of the rain that has hit the Bay Area, I’m sure that there are leaks in the warehouse.
Spending New Years Eve with the couples. I think that I might be the only singleton at this event. I guess it depends if Kathy & Amber have dates or not. **sigh** To add insult to injury, BT is performing at the NYE rave that Eric is going to. Arrgh. I will never be able to see BT spin a set live; I’m just cursed that way. It will be good to see everyone again and to hand out presents to the kids.
This was a good vacation for me spiritually, I guess. A nice family bonding vacation and all. But I still don’t feel ready to go back to work on Monday. Tons of recieving and 2 interviews when I get back. And I really need to start thinking about the S/R manager position. I am going to take the position, but the amount that they give me will determine how long I’ll stay. Actually, I think regardless, I’ll still go and look to see what other jobs I can get. I was suppose to have worked on my resume, but I never got around to it.
I made my donation to the tsumani relief fund. *sigh* I hope Irene is alright. Nobody has called me, so I’m assuming that she is alright. I’ll stop by Amber’s when I get back and see if she has heard from her.

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