Timeshares are for dummies…

So you’ve all seen the car sitting at the mall with the kids around it filling out the forms thinking that they will win it some how. Well, I’ve signed up for some and last week I got a call saying that I had won something. All I had to do was show up and listen to a 90 minute presetation and I would win a tickets for a bay cruise, a $50 AMEX gift card, and a 3 night trip to hawaii, mexico, reno, or….laughlin!!! Well, these people just hounded the shit out of me with emails, letters, and phone calls for 3 days. After the 5th time confirming that I would show up, I just stop answering the phone. Well, today I answered the phone and told the lady my stuff, and now they are saying that I don’t qualify. Fucking bastards. I mean I wasn’t going to sign up for a timeshare anyway, and I didn’t really care for the boat trip and vacation to laughlin. But the $50 gift card would have been nice.
Anyway, I am trying to cut out the caffiene again. I was drinking more water, esp when we got the new water cooler at work. But since it is colder now, I’ve just avoided water like the plague. Not good. I’ve also advoided doing my group homework too, but I’ll do it tonight or tommorow before group.
Just πŸ˜›
X-< Now I'm just being silly