work dream

Didn’t remember too much of last night’s dream. I just remember it was a work dream. I got a message from Brian about some things that he wanted me to look into. And then, I think we were discussing Danny’s work performance. That’s all I really remember.
I just cannot get a good night’s sleep anymore. I am always tired and always have a hard time getting to sleep at night and getting up in the morning. I would do the Hutch foolproof way of going to sleep (jack-off has quick has you can and cum, then immediately jack-off again with out resting. Immediately after your done the second time, you should pass out) except my sex drive is absolutely zero. Going to ask for sleeping pills, but I don’t see the psychiatrist until next week.
O.K., I’ve taken my hour lunch/breaks, I should get back to work, or at least move around in front of the camreas so it looks like I’m working.

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