More dreams

I was walking towards a house in a nice looking neighborhood, more of an midwest or east coast suburb than a west coast one. The house was two stories and yellow with white trim. There was another couple that pulled up and walking towards the same house has I was. It was an asian girl and her white boyfriend. They were talking, but I don’t remember what they were saying. In the second floor of the house there was a window, and we could see three people in the room, sitting and laying on the bed. One was Dan R., the other was Lesa W. I don’t remember who the third person was though. The couple next to me started to wave at them and there was also a black/white cat in the window, that was kinda big. Anyway, the couple walked towards the house and I kinda veered around it and went to the house next door. Inside the house, my Aunt Jackie and my niece Denise were at the table talking. I joined them and Aunt Jackie was trying to tell me something important when there was a knock at the door, it was Lesa. I gave a big hug and told her I was with my aunt and niece, but I wanted to talk to her later and that I had alot of apoligizing to do. She was O.K. with that, but wasn’t sure if she could meet that night because her and Kurt were going out to celebrate his new promotion. I wasn’t sure if they were going out by themselves or were meeting the gang and celebrating and didn’t want me there. I don’t think that was the vibe that she was giving off, but I think that is what I was thinking. That really all that I remember about the dream, except that the couple walking next to me might have been Jesse and April. Like I have a sense that they were in the dream, but I don’t remember for sure.

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