Wierd Dream

So I wake up and realize that I am late for work at Baskin Robbins. So I put on my blue and whites (Baskin Robbins uniform for guys; blue pants, white shirts. The girls had to wear pink shirts.) And ran off to work. I enter the store just has they were opening and there were 5 trainees there already practicing their scoops. I greeted them and went into the back to clock in and there was Leane. I was surprised, since I haven’t seen Leane in ages. I give her a hug and ask her about her kids. She shows me one picture of one of her sons and he is a teenager with peppered hair. And then Leane tells me that she has cancer in her uterus and isn’t sure if she will be able to deliver her daughter. I tell her that it will be o.k. and confort her. Then she ask me what am I doing at the store. I tell her I am here to work, and don’t understand how Craig (her husband) got me to work this early. She tells me that I don’t work at Baskin Robbins. I misunderstand her and think that maybe I don’t work at this store, but she tells me that I don’t work at any of their stores. So I give her a hug goodbye and start walking away, wondering where I am suppose to be working at. I pass another Baskin Robbins with some hot women in it. They were like porn stars in Baskin Robbins outfits, but I didn’t go in because according to the sign, the store didn’t open until 3:45pm. So I’m walking out of this shopping center and Jeff Foxworthy is doing his show in the parking lot to a small crowd. And I think, “God, what happened to this guy. Can’t even fill up a parking lot.” And I start to think about what job that I am late for. Then I wake up and realize that once again I am late for work.
And then all hell broke loose…
In the matter of 5min, I lost my cell phone, threw away a gallon of milk that might/might not have been spoiled, forgot lunch, stepped on the cat’s tail, lost and found my keys, and almost locked myself out of my room and the house.
Isn’t today Friday, and not Monday?

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