Hot Flashes

The Doctors have asked me if I have been sleeping well. I haven’t and Dr. Grace gave me a leaflet on insomnia. And I guess that is part of the problem. I’ve cut down on caffiene and am trying to goto sleep earlier and get a healthy sleep pattern going (Although I have failed miserably the last two nights). However, that is only part of the problem.
The other reason why I can’t sleep is because I am so hot, or rather that my body temperature is so hot. I don’t have a fever or anything (Well, I don’t think that I do) it’s just that my skin gets so hot that it heats up the bed and I can’t sleep. This is with my mink blankets off of the bed. When Suzanne and I were together, she would comment about how warm my body would get when we were laying together in bed. I kinda doubted it because I have always been one that gets cold easily. I mean I rarely wear shorts and will wear a jacket in pretty warm weather. My mother always said that I was cold-blooded and needed to take iron. Anyways, now when I sleep in my bed, I am in constant search for a cool place to lay in. Eventually, I warm up the entire area of the bed. I wish that I was back at Park Merced, then I could sleep on the hardwood floors. Or if I lived alone, I would go out and sleep on the kitchen floor or in the bathtub.
Maybe it’s because I have no one to keep warm at night and my body heat has no place to goto…

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