Hit me baby, one more time…

I have this feeling that my psychologist, Dr. Grace, wants to hit me with a heavy, inanimated object of some kind. It’s a feeling that I think that all of my friends at one point or another have wanted to hit me with a sledgehammer, or a desk, a bible, or whatever object is in reach.
Dr. Brickner on the hand, just says, “What? The prozac isn’t working? Just take two.” But in Dr. Brickner’s defense, she is cute.
What else? Being phone stalked at work. Went to another one of Tim/Mark’s softball game. That should score some points with Dr. Grace.
Currently watching The Three Musketeers, the Disney version with Kiefer and Sheen in it. It’s pretty cheesy, but Tim Curry is just delicsiously evil in it.

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