The Shrink…

I am not sure if I am happy with Dr. Grace. She won’t sign me off for electric shock theropy. She says that I only have moderate depression, and not major depression. And she tells me basicly the same stuff that I have read myself in books on depression and self help. Maybe it’s becaue I’m only making a co-pay for this advice and am not paying full price. I’m sure that at $250 I would be getting quicker results, or that I would be working harder for results.
I really think that electric shock theropy would really benefit me…
I still have 2 weeks before the prozac is suppose to kick in. Well, it has kicked in already, has what small sexual appetite I had has complete disappeared now. That should be enough to keep me depressed. I don’t have an appointment with Dr……Brickner(?) until after I get back from vacation. Maybe she’ll up my doasage or put me on something else.
So my homework assignment for the next two weeks is to see if I can still get into the Park Merced gym and to walk around the neighborhood, esp. while I’m on vacation.
I wish that I could be Uncle Joey, and just with my friend, his kids, and his step borther in their huge San Francisco Victorian house.
On second thought, if that means that I am going to date a 14-15 year old singer who is going to write a breakup song about me, then maybe not…..

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