Homework Assignment 1c

What Makes Me Happy?
Apple Sauce – A couple of weeks ago, I went with Tim and Renee to Costco to pick up some groceries. One of the things that I picked up was some apple sauce; the little containers that you pack in lunches. Maybe it was because it’s been a long time since I’ve had apple sauce, or maybe the apple sauce woke up some childhood memory. But eating that apple sauce gave me a temporary moment of happiness. I continied to buy apple sauce for a few more times, but it has lost the charm that had on me before.
alcohol – Getting drunk makes me happy, if only for a short time. Of course, there is the eventual crash and the hangover period. But for awhile, while I’m drunk, I’m happy.
hot baths – I love spending hours in a hot, slightly scalding bath, just sitting in the hot water, letting all of the tension just soak out of my body. I would have a glass of something ice cold at my side, just to have something that contrasted to the heat. When I was in the dorms, I remember one time that I took a two hour shower/bath. I just sat in the tub in the dark and let the water just pour over me. Pretty odd for someone who hates/can’t swim. Taking baths was easier to do when I was living in the dorms and when I was living in Park Merced (didn’t have to pay for water). Maybe if this was a 2 bath household instead of a one bath, I would take a bath here. However, I have to share a bathroom with two other people and pay my part of the water bill, so not bath for me.
cats – I like cats and most cats like me. Even the ones that don’t like people will usually tolerate me and let me pet them once. Laying in bed reading a book, and having a cat come up and curl up next to me makes me happy and content.

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