I don’t care-ism….

Can’t think of the word that I want to use for this weekend. Hopefully, it’ll come to me.
Got over the coffee jitters that I had on Friday. I think I might have just been hungry, and it wasn’t the coffee. I don’t know. What else, I download Picasa from Google. I really like the program and I finally have my photos organized and most are now labeled with keywords so I can search through them. I also slowly whittled away at the books that I have checked out from the library. I wanted to goto the beach today, but I paniced and didn’t go. I cried for a little while and then settled back into a “I don’t care” mood.
Apathy, that it.
An apathetic mood.
I don’t think that I care anymore.
I guess that’s not true, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Maybe it’s that I not caring anymore, but I’m finally becoming numb to it all.
Maybe I should just goto sleep. I’m sure that I will be crying alot more this week.

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