Goodbye Angel

It’s sad that they are canceling Angel after this season. The only reason that I watch TV now is because of Angel. Even if I did have a TV in my room, there isn’t really anything that I would watch on a regular basis. Even wrestling wouldn’t be something that I had to rush home to see.
And this week’s episode was so funny. The storyline was that Angel got turned into a puppet. Sounds stupid if you are not an Angel fan, but OMG, it was so funny. God, I wish that I had my All In Wonder video card so that I could get screen grabs. Tons of wallpaper and icon ideas in this episode. I’m sure that if I go to an Angel fan site or Livejournal within the next day or two, I’ll find what I’m looking for.
Turned in my self review finally. Total crap, but when I go in to talk with the boss, then that’s when I can shine, promote and defend myself. Still, it sucks that I can’t write a review about myself. Just like writing a profile for myself or a bio. I don’t know what to write or say about myself. Perhaps I should sign up for a writing class in the summer or fall?
Been doing more and more post on my mobile phone journal, or “moblog”. OOOOOOO. Yeah, crappy pictures and such, but I kinda am starting to enjoy taking pictures and posting them. Getting my money’s worth with my phone. Next month’s bill should give me a good idea of how much data I’m sending and if I’m going over or not.
Trying to wean myself off of wandering around the internet until late at night. Wasn’t a good idea to download Unreal Tournament 2004 and play it until 3am in the morning. I’ll probably play with it for the rest of this week and then uninstall it. Don’t know if it’s the mouse or my skills, but I suck. It could be the computer, because it feels choppy and I am always disorientated. But it’s probably is because I just suck at first person shooters.
Going to test this entry by posting it across most of the journals that I have. Doesn’t everybody have at least one or two secret journals hiding around, in case you have to escape. to a more private journal. Heh.

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